Adolescence can often be a confusing and difficult time, when we may be struggling with identities, friendships, exams and family relationships. The stress that this can cause can manifest itself in many ways and can often feel overwhelming. General services: I can offer my therapeutic services to individuals, schools, colleges and youth groups, providing therapy to adolescents who may be looking for some support.

I can also visit schools to provide detailed, psycho-educational group presentations, relating to many of the issues adolescents are faced with. Presentations are often interactive in nature, so as to engage students, and enable them to feel that they have been instrumental in recognising ways to resolve potential difficulties.

enter Eating Disorders services: I provide a specialist service for adolescents who may be experiencing food and eating related issues.

I also provide specialist presentations about eating disorders. In addition to these presentations, I facilitate workshops and group discussions, where students can discuss their issues and arrange to see me privately if they wish.

source url Location: I am based in Highgate, North London and am able to travel to schools in most surroundings boroughs. If students prefer to see me away from their educational and youth group environments, I can also arrange to see them privately.