enter site Eating Difficulties: Sometimes, people may experience unhappiness in their lives and use food as a way to comfort or punish themselves.

Eating difficulties can start in many ways. In some cases what starts off as a diet can end up controlling us. More often than not, however, eating difficulties are the result of an emotional unhappiness in some area of our lives – the way we use eating and food can simply become a coping mechanism.

http://mcburneymanor.com/asthma.html Eating Disorders: Those affected by eating disorders will attempt weight loss by a variety of means; starvation (Anorexia Nervosa), binging and purging (Bulimia Nervosa) and excessive exercise. Some may also use laxatives or appetite suppressant drugs as a means of weight loss, whilst others may chew and spit out food without swallowing it. These types of eating behaviours are commonly termed ‘Eating Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified’ (ED-NOS).

Overeating and Binge-Eating Disorder (uncontrollably eating a large amount of food over a brief period of time) are also classed as eating disorders.

source site My support: I offer support to people who may be suffering from any eating or food related issues. Together, we can try to understand your eating disorder or eating difficulty and explore ways forward.